Marking Electives

Every year, Warwick Medical Students complete a six week elective in March/April. Many of you will have undertaken electives yourself as a student and most recall this opportunity as a highlight of their medical training. Interested UHCW Consultants can get involved in two important ways;

1. Helping with placements – many already supervise local placements for students who want or need to remain locally.
2. Elective report making – elective reports are some of the most enjoyable and diverse pieces of student work to mark and the UHCW school office is always interested to hear from people wishing to get involved. Full guidance is provided and the marking is usually in June/July each year.

If you are interested, send your details to the Phase II administrator in the Phase II office at the medical school –

Local Electives

Medical Electives
In common with most UK medical schools, Warwick Medical Students undertake a 6 week medical elective, usually starting in early March. UHCW clinicians may be approached to supervise students as not all want to go abroad. This is often straight forward and such students are usually keen and willing to get involved in research or audit. If you are approached by a student, ensure that the time the will have with you is clearly different from normal clinical blocks as this is a requirement for having their plans

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