Bedside Teaching

Summary of Plan

•   Mondays and Thursdays
•   2 Tutors
•   6 students
•  3 hours


•   Discuss current barriers to bedside teaching and how to overcome these
•   Reducing contact and infection risk to patients’ staff and students
•   Keep social distancing
•   Maintaining students in same bubble
•   Maximising clinical exposure

Description of the plan

First 60 minutes
•   Meet in dedicated rooms
•   Describe clear learning objectives for the session
•   Practice history taking using role play. (Tutors can introduce to any anonymous case and act as patients while students act as doctors)
•   Go through examination videos (1-2 systems each session) and discuss the system and important findings to look for

10 minutes quick break

Next 40 Minutes
•   Split into 2 groups 3 students with each tutor and practice examination on a patient in the ward (max 40 minutes)


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