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Covid Guidance for Medical Students

If you have close contact with someone with a positive Covid-19 test follow the process outlined below:

This guidance includes all positive Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs) and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests for household cases and social contacts.

Please take the following action depending on your Covid-19 vaccination status:


If you are fully vaccinated and have had been notified of a contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 then you must:

•             Inform WMS and your trust administrator immediately.

•             Take a PCR test as the earliest possibility and work remotely, where possible, until you receive a result. PCR tests must be requested through the Government website. 

•             Isolate until you receive a result.

•             If your PCR result is positive for Covid-19 then you must isolate in line with national guidance.

•             If your PCR is negative you can return to placement and undertake daily Lateral Flow Tests for 10 days which must remain negative.


If you are unvaccinated and have had been notified of a contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 then you must:

•             Inform WMS team and your trust administrator immediately and isolate in line with national guidance.

•             If you become symptomatic take a PCR test, available through the Government website, at the earliest possibility.

•             Irrespective of your PCR result you are required to work remotely for the isolation period, where possible.


Positive PCR guidance:


  •           The isolation period includes the day the symptoms started (or the day the LFD was taken if no symptoms) and the next full 10 days. However isolation may be ended early if all of the conditions below are met:

      o   The student’s symptoms have resolved, or their only symptoms are cough or anosmia which can last for several weeks

      o   Daily LFD should be taken from day 5 following positive result

      o   If negative on day 5 AND the morning of day 6 (24 hours apart) you may return to placement on day 6, continuing daily LFD up to day 10

      o   The student must continue to comply with relevant IPC precautions and PPE must be worn correctly

      o   The student should refrain from contact with immunosuppressed patients.


·         If positive on day 5, continue daily LFD until 2 consecutive negative results, 24 hours apart are achieved. Once two negative results have been achieved, students can return to work on the same day that they obtain the second negative result

·         If positive tests continue after day 10, continue daily lateral flow device (LFD) testing until either a single negative result or until day 14.

-       A single negative result after day 10 is sufficient for return to work if symptom free.

-       If the student’s LFD test result is still positive on the 14th day, they can stop testing and return to work on day 15 if they are medically fit to do so.