Tips to Improve Learning Opportunities

On the Wards

  • Join the ward round
  • Talk to senior students / FYs / Trainees / Staff Nurse and other healthcare professionals
  • Introduce yourself to patients
  • Identify cases and discuss with your consultant


In Theatre

  • Observe the clinical operating procedures, technical and non technical aspects
  • Understand the background (read & ask)
  • Make a problem list
  • Make  a reading list
  • Ask questions


In the Clinics

  • Observe your consultants
  • Focused history / examination
  • Make a list of cases you have seen
  • Read about those cases 
  • Keep a log book



  • Ensure good attendance
  • Meet you tutor early
  • Be prompt and punctual
  • Arrive at 8am
  • Take consent from  patients
  • Obtain permission from the clinical teams
  • Observe make a record / notes and maintain your log book
  • Look at Patient notes / investigations
  • Ask questions / clarify / show interest in learning
  • Give us your feedback at every opportunity



  • Interrupt in the middle of clinical intervention
  • In the theatre do not enter the anaesthetic room during induction of Anaesthesia