X-Ray Department

X-Ray Guidelines are available on Trust Intranet eLibrary
Useful Telephone Numbers

X-Ray Reception 26331
Head of Operations for Imaging 27101
Service Manager 27134
X-Ray Superintendent Radiographer 27135
Ultrasound: In Patient Bookings 27116
Ultrasound: Out Patient Bookings 26933
CT Bookings 26952
MRI Bookings 27122
X-rays – IP Requests from Wards 28209
CT Lead (Bleep 4114) 27076
CT/MRI Reception 27090
MRI Lead (Bleep 1315) 27076
Radiology Sister (Bleep 2266) 27077
Fluoroscopy Lead ( Bleep 4021) 27161
Intervention and Fluoroscopy Bookings 27161
Escalation Bleep No 1843 – for all queries  
Reception - ED (X-Ray/CT) 26941
CT – A&E 26986
Radiology Registrars 27131
X-Ray Fax 27118
Breast Screening Unit  
Main Reception 27163
Clinical Secretary 27160
Superintendent Radiographer 27167
Rugby St Cross  
Superintendent Radiographer 23943
Reception 23260
Viewing Room (Radiographers) 23945
MRI 23820
CT 23999

Who's Who
All of the consultants may be approached on general issues but those with particular interests are listed below.

Consultant Bleep Specialty
Dr O Adesanya 4132 PET CT/Nuclear Medicine/Head & Neck
Dr S Bera 1733 Nuclear Medicine/Ultrasound Biopsy
Dr M Christie-Large 4241 Musculoskeletal
Dr A Duncan 1736 Breast/Body CT/MRI
Dr M Dhillon (Clinical Head) 1731 Interventional/Musculoskeletal
Vacant 1735 Gastrointestinal/GU
Dr V Gaur 1737 Breast/General
Dr N Gupta 4560 Intervention/CT/Ultrasound
Dr J Harding 2695 Vascular Intervention, CT, Ultrasound
Dr N Hedley 2650 Head and Neck
Dr E Helm 2318 Ultrasound/Chest/Paediatrics
Dr Lye-Quen Hon 2694 Cross-sectional, Gynae
Prof C Hutchinson 2324 R&D, Plain Films
Dr S Jaffe 5124 Intervention/CT Body/Ultrasound
Dr M Javid 4242 Musculoskeletal
Dr M Johnson 2997 Musculoskeletal
Dr H Mehta 1739 Neuro
Dr C Oliver 1740 Vascular Interventional
Dr C Parsons 4726 Paediatrics
Dr H Patel 2904 MSK/Ultrasound/Paediatrics
Dr S Rai 1741 Musculoskeletal
Dr R Ramachandra 1742 Breast/Chest
Dr W Shatwell 1743 Gastronintestinal
Dr Cheng Sheng Low 5127 Nuc.Med./PET CT/General
Dr K Sherlala 1744 Neuro
Dr V Sandhu 4916 Cross-sectional/CT body/Head & Neck
Dr M Sreenivas 2903 Breast/CT/Ultrasound
Dr S Umranikar 1738 Cross-sectional/CT & MRI Body/U/S
Dr A Vidziunaite 4983 Neuro
Dr A Vohrah 1745 Vascular Interventional
Dr R Wellings 1747 Musculoskeletal

Scope of ServiceFor full details refer to e library Clinical Operating Procedure, COP 189.

To expedite urgent cases Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00 hrs requesting doctors are advised to contact the department directly:
• For out patients please contact the specialty appointment booking administrator
• For ward patients please contact the specialty appointment booking administrator or the specialty lead radiographer, who is contactable via the switch board bleep service
If you are unable to contact any of the above, please use the radiology escalation bleep service
Other less urgent queries can be forwarded to the radiology e mail address ‘Radiology Department RKB’ this is accessed on a regular basis by our admin team

Out of Normal Hours:
UHCW NHS Trust- reduced staffing levels; open for emergencies. Please contact the on call radiologist or radiographer

Radiology Clinical Guidelines
These are available on the Trust Intranet ‘e-Library’ site under Clinical Guidelines. Also available are Radiology Patient Information Leaflets which we strongly advise you use to assist you when explaining a procedure to a patient.

At the University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust, a copy of Guidelines for Examinations is kept in the Emergency Department Office or can be queried by contacting the X-ray department (e.g. trauma to nasal bones are not examined radiologically but are referred to the Maxillo Facial Unit)

Each Orthopaedic team has its own pre-operative procedures which are available in the X-ray and Orthopaedic Departments.

These are available on the Trust Intranet ‘e-Library’ site under Clinical Guidelines. Also available are Radiology Patient Information Leaflets.

The Royal College of Radiologists Guidelines for Doctors ‘Making the best use of a Department of Clinical Radiology’ is available from the Clinical Director or Imaging Service Manager on 024 76967137/40 at the University Hospitals, X-ray Department.

In order to satisfy regulations all requests must be justified, so provide as much clinical information as you can when requesting tests, full patient details also assist in accurate patient identification, Refer to COP 194 Requesting radiological Investigations for full information.

Please be aware if you request a procedure it is not automatically booked. CT, MRI and fluoroscopy requests may be discussed with the department if required. All body and fluoroscopy requests must be signed by a Consultant or Advanced Practitioner radiographer and will be vetted prior to being allocated an appointment.

Patients for Radiology Interventional Procedures
Preparation check lists are available on the radiology page of the intranet. Guidance for the preparation of patients undergoing intervention is available on the e library. Refer to:
• COP 184: Procedure for the Preparation and aftercare of Patients undergoing an angiographic procedure
• COP 57: Management of an adult patient pre during and after administration of intravascular contrast agent
• COP 109: Radiology Delegated consent process 

Clinical Results Reporting System (CRRS))
CRRS is a Trust wide system that is accessible via the Intranet from any networked PC or Terminal. It provides staff with electronic access to Pathology results and Radiology reports at patient level.

All Medical staff should use this system to gain access to results. All new Doctors are set up with access to CRRS at induction.

All grades and disciplines of clinical radiology staff, welcome the opportunity to discuss cases with you. We actually quite enjoy it! If you have any queries whatsoever, a phone call or even better a visit to the department is usually very rewarding - and you meet friendly staff and probably secure a better service for your patients.

All Images and reports for x-rays and scans are available via PACS. Please ensure you are trained to look at them via a pc within the ward/department where you are working.

Various Multidisciplinary Team Meetings take place each day of the week, where radiologists play an important role – you are welcome to attend any of them. Please contact the relevant special interest radiologist first, or your consultant.

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