Junior Doctors Lounge


Junior Doctors Lounge (Rest Pods and Recliners)

Exclusive and Free for all Junior Doctors

This is strictly a quiet area for rest, relaxation and quiet work

New Rest Pods and Recliner chairs due to be installed by end of September 2021

Discussions/Chat should be occurring in rotunda

Run by Dr Robert Stroud, robert.stroud2@uhcw.nhs.uk


Rest/Break Entitlements per Shift

one 30 min break for any shift at least 5 hours long. A second 30 min break for any shift longer than 9 hours. A third 30 min break for night shifts at least 12 hours long.


Too tired to drive home

If you suspect you are likely to need rest facilities after a night shift ahead of time, please email jayne.sanderson@uhcw.nhs.uk. Out of hours, please bleep the site manager on 4074. They will be able to provide you with a room to sleep and shower. Alternatively try using the Junior Doctors Lounge next to the 4th Floor Rotunda.