ICT Issues and Teams Access


ICT Issues/Access

Please contact ICT on Internal: 28000, External 0247 696 8000

There will be a special service during the induction week. Please see your induction pack for more information.


There is also a ICT Ward champion in each area – to be detailed soon. This person will collect issues with ICT in each ward area and feedback directly to ICT so these issues can be handled more efficiently and in a timely manner.


UHCW Email and Microsoft Teams from Home

Please use sparingly for your own mental health! UHCW email from anywhere: https://email.uhcw.nhs.uk/

Login with your <UHCW PC username> and <password>.


You can login to your trust MS Teams account from anywhere (including on mobile!). Just sign out and login using your UHCW email address and password and you can access your teams, calendar and shared files.