Expenses & Pay

Travel/Relocation/Study expenses

Relocation expenses: /Portals/0/Approval%20Form_1.pdf - fill in and return to Karen Stanley  in Medical Education (CSB ground floor behind reception)



Study Fees/Mileage

Please discuss with your line manager before filling out this form online: EASY | Login (giltbyte.com)

If you need help with this, the JDF (jdf@uhcw.nhs.uk) can assist. Your login details should have been sent to you during induction.



Pay/Contract Issues

If you have pay or contract issues, the JDF is happy to assist and refer you to the BMA if appropriate but within the trust it is nick.rees@uhcw.nhs.uk who manages contracts.



Exception Reporting

Access via: https://products.zircadian.com/

Instructions (if you are onsite): http://trustnav/EasySiteWeb/GatewayLink.aspx?alId=7535 (direct link to PDF)

Please exception report any work you are doing outside of your work schedule. This is the best way to get your overtime as time off in-lieu (TOIL) or be paid for the overtime. Additionally, it is the only way we can track which specialties are overworked so we can put a business case to hire more doctors in these areas.


If you do not been given access to the exception reporting system please email Andreas.ruhnke@uhcw.nhs.uk


If you need advice about using the system please contact juniordoctors@uhcw.nhs.uk (admin support). If you need advice about exception reporting or contract please contact jdf@uhcw.nhs.uk (Trustwide Junior Doctors’ Forum). BMA rep (petra.hanson@uhcw.nhs.uk) or the Guardian of Safeworking (andreas.ruhnke@uhcw.nhs.uk).


LTFT working champion

If you are having any issues with LTFT working you can contact clare.langley@uhcw.nhs.uk. Petra.hanson@uhcw.nhs.uk. Additionally, you should get in contact with your rota coordinator to ensure any changes to your working time is reflected in the rotas.