Safety Scholarship Scheme for Doctors in Training at UHCW

UHCW Medical Education Directorate is pleased to announce the launch of the “Meghana Pandit Safety Scholarship”. This is a wonderful opportunity for doctors in training to visit Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, Harvard, USA and be inspired to increase exposure and career enhancement in patient safety and quality.  

The fellowship is supported by funds kindly donated by Professor Meghana Pandit (Ex Chief Medical Officer and Deputy CEO of UHCW and current CMO of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust and Professor of Practice at Warwick University) who was instrumental in leading the patient safety and quality team within UHCW and enabling the team to be awarded the HSJ Patient Safety award in 2018.

This is an excellent opportunity to expand professional and personal horizons by researching, learning and experiencing an issue that you care about, with global leaders in that subject.

Who can apply
Trainees (in programme or formal Out of Programme (OOP)) based at UHCW can apply. Trainees should have demonstrated successful engagement with training programme with evidence of progression as evidenced letter from their programme director and support from TPD/ES and clinical director.

The Expectation
The Safety Fellowship will fund the successful candidate to spend up to two weeks at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre (Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital).

The trainee will get an opportunity to attend the QA intern week, participate in lectures, grand rounds, mortality and morbidity conference and mini project activity. This will also give an opportunity to spend time with QA officers to understand patient flow, patient safety reports and the review system.

On return, the successful trainee is expected to submit a project report and either present or publish the report and apply their learning in conjunction with the patient safety team locally.

Visa requirements
From a visa standpoint, the successful trainee will apply for a visitor visa to attend the program. As the programme does not involve patient care contact and will have less than 18 hours per week of classes, averaged over 10 working days. Their visa application and visa/border entry interviews must make it clear that they are in USA to visit Boston/NYC and any “Study is incidental to their visit”.

The application processes
Trainee can apply using the application for expression of interest stating the reasons, why they think they are suitable for this scholarship and what they expect to learn and application of this locally.

  1. Application: the first stage is to complete our simple attached application form and post to Medical Education, Clinical Sciences Building, UHCW, Coventry CV2 2DX. This is your chance to tell us about your project and yourself. The form must be submitted in May-June. It would be expected to get evidence of support from TPD/ES/CD in the application.
  2. Interview- A short 20-minute interview of the shortlisted candidates in July
  3. Results: successful candidates will be informed after the interview in July.


Frequently Asked Questions