Learning in the Simulation Centre

During your FY1 year (usually whilst working at UHCW) you will be allocated a Friday afternoon session in the Simulation Centre. This will form an important part of your teaching in acute medicine. You get the chance to work in small groups on a ‘close to life’ simulation of an acute medical emergency (without the risk of killing anybody!). 9 candidates will attend per afternoon and you will learn with 3 scenarios – although each trainee will only manage one scenario. There is much benefit in watching other teams and you can give them valuable feedback so you should expect to be present for the entire afternoon.

The scenarios are videoed for the purposes of giving you feedback on your performance. We will look at some aspects with you and the group but we will not show them to anybody else (including your educational supervisors), put them on YouTube, giggle about them afterwards or in anyway betray your privacy. This is a formative exercise - in other words you are there purely to learn from the experience - not to pass a test or achieve a standard. Although it feels a little scary at first it is actually great fun. We also expect you to respect the privacy of your colleagues– if they mess it up they must know you will not be spreading it about in the Doctor’s Mess. What goes on in Simulation stays in Simulation!!

There will be a rota for the current semester. If you are not listed it is because you are here for longer than 1 post so we can give you a chance later. Please find your name and note the date that you must attend – put it in your diary please. Check it against your on call rota – if your team are on acute take you will have to swap with another trainee. If you are on annual leave you will need to swap, so instigate the swap as soon as you know. If you miss through being off sick we will have to re–timetable you. Let us know ASAP as it is much easier for you if this session occurs whilst you are based at in this Trust and do not have to travel in. Swap by emailing Alison Laughran or phoning her on ext 23194.