UHCW Library & Knowledge Services

ATHENS (OpenAthens) is the password system that lets you access online resources subscribed to locally at UHCW and nationally via NICE.

To obtain an OpenAthens login please go to It’s best to register for Athens on a work-based NHS PC – if you are unable to do this, it will take longer for your account to be authorised.
Once you’ve set up your account you can use it anywhere to access the resources in our Resources drop-down menu and do quick searches on our A-Z Discovery search box in the right-hand column of this page..

To access the NICE/NHS England OpenAthens resources or to change/update your Athens account details (e.g. reset password, move your account to another NHS organisation), go to .

Please note that not all websites that advertise an Athens/OpenAthens login are part of our subscriptions.