Safety Scholarship Scheme for Doctors in Training at UHCW FAQs

What is the Meghana Pandit Safety Scholarship?

This is an opportunity for Doctors in training based at UHCW to learn, explore and research inspiring practice in other countries, in order to identify new and better ways of tackling patient safety and quality challenges facing the Trust and the wider NHS.

How many scholarships are awarded each year?

At present only one trainee is offered the opportunity for placement for 2 weeks at BIDMC, Harvard University.

How are Fellowships awarded?

They are given to successful individuals and are awarded once a year through an open application followed by a short interview.


To apply, you must ensure that you are eligible to travel to US. Procuring a Visa is the trainee’s responsibility. Supporting evidence required for the visit (letter from the Host organisation and from the Trust) can be provided.

What does the funding cover?

The scholarship covers travel and accommodation. It does not cover funding for a project the trainee would like to undertake. This will aim to cover within the budget:

  • Economy return flights from and to the UK.
  • Internal travels.
  • Food and accommodation for the duration of your travels.

When can I apply?

We open each year in April-June, for applications to travel in the following year. Our award categories are announced at the same time. 

When do you close for applications?

 The closing date for applications will be end of June each year.

When are applicants informed whether or not they have been shortlisted for interview? 

By mid-July

If my application is unsuccessful, will I receive feedback?

Unfortunately, due to the number of applications we receive, we are not able to give feedback on individual applications.


May I re-apply another year if my application is unsuccessful?

Yes, you may re-apply next year, however please remember this is for trainees employed in the trust at the time the trainee is undertaking 2-week placement.


How many applications may I submit?

You may submit only one application per year. 


If I have already had scholarship once, may I apply again?



Can I make a joint application?

No, Scholarships are awarded to individuals and presently we are awarding one applicant per year


How long is the duration of this scholarship?

Grant will cover a stay in Boston of two weeks.


Should I contact people and organisations I intend to visit before I submit my application? 

We will support you to make links with the host organisation in the initial phase for the successful applicant


Should I inform my Trust/HEEWM of the application?

Yes, you will be required to ensure you comply with the UHCW Trust internal process to ensure you are given time and support from HEEWM and follow the guidance by HEEWM for taking time for the fellowship. Please note this is not subject to Study leave funding which is under the remit of HEEWM study leave policy.
Discuss your application with your line manager prior to attending your interview. As the programme is in December it will be required to seek permission form the ES, Clinical director and line manager where you will be placed in December.


Can I get help with applying if I need particular assistance?

If you have a particular need it would be recommended to discuss this beforehand. However, this is discretionary and should be noted submission deadline cannot be extended.

When do interviews take place for shortlisted candidates?


Will I be asked for references? 

Yes, we will send you appropriate forms for two referees to complete and return to us. Your referees should include your TPD and current consultant who you are working with


 If I am successful, when can I start? 

The timing of your visit is fixed to the first two weeks of December of the year you are selected.


Do I have to arrange my own travel insurance? 

Yes. This scholarship will not cover any other insurance related to travel and health and this will need to be personally undertaken.


Can I bring people with me on my travels? 

Unfortunately, due to limitation of funds we are unable to support carers or personal assistants and by no mean are discouraging the applicants with disability but this will require further exploration in the future to seek for additional support for wider accessibility. The successful applicant can chose to travel with other people at their own responsibility, however our grants only cover the travel and living expenses of successful applicants themselves.

What is expected when I return from my fellowships? 

Fundamental aspect of this scholarship and the opportunity is on return to UK to actively apply the knowledge and skill gained form the experience at Harvard in a patient safety project in the Trust and in the wider NHS. You will be expected to write a short report of the project with in 2 months of return for wider dissemination and for future candidates.


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