You will be issued with a username & password for e-portfolio, the web-site you need is www.nhseportfolios.org. If you have any problems then please contact Ruth at UHCW, Wendy at George Eliot, Andrea at Warwick, depending on which hospital you are working at. There is ‘HELP’ available in every section within the e-portfolio – PLEASE see if the answer is there before asking us.

Completing the ePortfolio

Personal Details
Please complete the personal details section, with an up to date telephone number and e-mail address. It would also be very useful to us if there is a photo in this section.

Declaration and Agreement Section
Please make sure that you take a look at this section and complete the necessary forms.

You need to sit down with your educational supervisor for every block and on their log in you need to complete the following:
1 x 1st Meeting
2 x Joint Appraisal, one at the mid point of the post and one at the end of the post.
For appraisal 1 in block 1 you need to take ALS & other certificates along to be viewed and validated by your supervisor.

In the 1st post you need to complete your e-tab (360° appraisal). If are no ‘concerns’ on your replies then you don’t need to do a further one in your 2nd & 3rd post. To complete your tab you need to ask a minimum of 10 people ( suggest ask 12) to complete 4 questions about you. The type of people you need to ask are: 5 medical (Consultant, SpR, CMT, ST1) 5 Allied Health Professionals (Nurses (sisters preferred), Secretary, Physio, etc). You can also ask a secretary or ward clerk if appropriate. You are only allowed one assessor who is a current F1. You must ask the consultants who supervise your clinical work .

In your F1 year you need to complete the following assessments:

Bear in mind that scoring for FY2 applications take place in February/March so it is best to get on with these early

You will be doing a least 1 audit during the year. They count towards your validation and FY2 application scores. We have enclosed the Audit Marking Schedule. This simply tells you how we mark them. You do not need to ask your supervisor to mark them

Careers Evaluation
You need to complete a careers evaluation and then you need to discuss it with your educational supervisor. The personal development plans and reflective sections are useful and required for FY2 application

Before you finish each post you need to complete the following:
Job Evaluation

Clinical Supervisors Feedback Report
Before you complete your post you need to make sure that your educational supervisor has completed the clinical supervisors feedback report.

The Library
This is for ‘uploading’ any other materials e.g, presentations, papers, audit reports. Electronic documents can be loaded from your own computer. Paper documents need scanning first.

Curriculum linking
There is a copy of the current Foundation curriculum available within the e=portfolio. You need to think about all activities especially assessments and library / reflective entries and link them to areas within the curriculum. This is easily done at a click of a mouse and best done as you go along!