Educational Governance

Dignity at Work Policy
Harassment and bullying at work, in any form, is wholly unacceptable and the Trust will take all reasonable measures to ensure that all employees enjoy a working environment in which the dignity of individuals is respected.

Raising Concern Policy
To provide the framework whereby all employees are supported and encouraged to achieve and maintain standards of conduct, care and performance, which are acceptable to the Trust. The Procedure is designed to ensure consistent, equitable, and fair treatment for all employees.

Referral Process for Junior Doctors in Difficulty
Occasionally trainers become aware that an aspect of a trainee doctor’s performance is a cause of concern. In general it is better that this information is shared so that appropriate actions can be taken to support the doctor concerned and that patient safety is not compromised.

Doctors in Difficulty Referral Flowchart
(previously know as Doctors in Difficulty)
Referral Pathway for Doctors Requiring Professional Support

Professional Skills Unit Referral Form
Previously know as Doctors in Difficulty, this form needs to be completed to initiate a referral to the Professional Support Unit.

Escalating Concerns: Pathway for Trainees
NHS West Midlands Deanery believes that it is important for Trainees to be able to raise concerns, in addition to general quality management processes. Trainees are encouraged to follow the appropriate pathway when escalating concerns. Please see the Deanery Website for more information on these pathways and when to access them: