Medical Education Staff

UHCW Floor Maps

Sailesh Sankar - Associate Medical Director for Education, Research and Professional Development
Mike Walzman - Foundation School Director

Ashraf Fahmy - MS, FEBU Associate Specialist, Urology, SAS Tutor
Alison Franks - Deputy Clinical F2 Tutor
Marius Holmes - Clinical Tutor
Jane Kidd - Quality Management
Rashmi Manjunatha - Deputy Clinical F1 Tutor
Marie Midgley - Manager of Education and Training Service
Pijush Ray - Trust Lead for Undergraduate Medical Education
Tanya Potter - Foundation Clinical Tutor
Chris Taggart - GP Tutor Coventry

Dr Nick Boeckx  - GPVTS Liaison for UHCW
Dr John Marlow - GPVTS Liaison for St Cross
Dr Inderjit Karir - GPVTS Liaison for George Eliot Hospital
Pooja Chopra - GP Tutor Rugby

Teaching Fellows
Corinne Hield ST4 Paediatrics - Clinical Teaching Fellow (Paediatrics)
Claire Gibbons - Clinical Teaching Fellow (Geriatrics)
Maurice Collins - Clinical Teaching Fellow (Paediatrics)
Arwa Meki - Clinical Teaching Fellow (Renal)
Daniel Border - Clinical Teaching Fellow (Acute)
Rebecca Darge - Clinical Teaching Fellow (Palliative)

Administration Staff
Sue Chamberlain - Medical Education Administrator
Ruth Cottrell - Foundation Programme Co-ordinator
Rachel Davies - Course Organiser / Team Leader
Louise Forrest - Warwickshire & Worcestershire Rotation Co-ordinator
Gladys Moore - Assistant Co-ordinator
Mary Morley - Medical Education Administrator
Eva Ntouni - Obstetrics & Gynaecology / Data Entry
Linda Morris - Personal Assistant, Coventry & Warwickshire
Helen Perdue - Phase 3 Medical Education Administrator
Ilia Psarra - Postgraduate Administrator
Jaspal Sandhu - Ophthalmology Teaching and Study Leave Co-ordinator
Karen Stanley - Paediatric Teaching Programme Co-ordinator
Zoe Taylor - Exam Lead and Course Organiser

Web Team
Amanda Gould - Medical Education Website Manager
Bogdan Tanea - Medical Education Programmer/Analyst

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