UMEC Members

Sailesh Sankar - Director Medical Education, Training and Professional Development -
Marie Midgley, Manager Medical Education -

Name Specialty Email Address
Nagme Adab Neurosciences
Daniel Amutike Anaesthesia & Pain Services
Prithwish Banerjee Cardiology
Andrew Coe Paediatrics
Linda Crinigan Resuscitation & Clinical Skills
Ratidzo Danha Anaesthesia
Fiona Dean Opthalmology and CCE Lead
Viv Elliott Acute Medicine (SWFT)
Sarah Grieve Renal
Chris Harrold Diabetes & Endocrinology
Marius Holmes Emergency Care
Andrew Ilchyshyn Dermatology
Francesca Jones Haematology (Maternity Leave until November 2017)
Hemali Kanji Nephrology
Peeyush Kumar Anaesthetics
Vadim Lakhimov Critical Care
Cyprian Mendonca Anaesthesia and CCE lead
Peter Munthali Microbiology and Exams Lead
Narasimha Murthy Diabetes and Endocrinology
Caron Parsons Radiology
Sunit Patil Orthopaedics
Muhammad Peerbhoy Respiratory
Phillip Perkins Rheumatology
Ranganatha Rao Diabetes & Endocrinology
Pijush Ray Trust Lead Undergraduate Medical Education
Prakash Satodia Paediatrics and Child Health
Rajagopalan Sriram Urology
Andy Stein Renal and Transplantation
R Tripathy Anaesthesia and ITU
Esther Unitt Gastroenterology
Ling Wong General Surgery
Jacqueline Woodman Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Call on WMS to attend    
Paul de Cates Academic Lead Phase 3, WMS  
Paul Matthews Academic Lead Phase 2, WMS  

Teaching Fellows
Corinne Hield ST4 Paediatrics - Clinical Teaching Fellow (Paediatrics)
Claire Gibbons - Clinical Teaching Fellow (Geriatrics)
Maurice Collins - Clinical Teaching Fellow (Paediatrics)
Arwa Meki - Clinical Teaching Fellow (Renal)
Daniel Border - Clinical Teaching Fellow (Acute)
Rebecca Darge - Clinical Teaching Fellow (Palliative)

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