Medical Student Electives

A limited number of elective attachments may be made to various specialties within the hospital. However, the hospital is already busy with a large number of students from Warwick Medical School. The Undergraduate Medical Education Committee has drawn up the following guidance.

This guidance is relevant to both students looking for elective attachment and consultants who have directly received requests.

• Applications can be accepted from students in their final or penultimate year at medical school for periods of between 4 and 8 weeks.
• Applications may be submitted four months in advance of the date the elective is due to start.
• Only one student will be placed within a department at any one time, joint applications are not accepted.
• Parent university attendance forms may be signed officially within the Trust but not by Warwick Medical School staff. Please note that the Medical School Dean or others are NOT permitted to sign for any placement.
• Visas: Tier 4 visas are not required for this type of elective and we are unable to provide CAS numbers.
• All enquiries must be sent to Mrs Mary Morley, email:
• Only departments which have significant activity and capacity to provide worthwhile student experience.
• One consultant to be responsible for supporting the application and ensuring that there is an appropriate and educational plan set for the elective period and for monitoring progress.

Please note that hospital accommodation is not available, and you must therefore make your own arrangements regarding somewhere to stay during your placement.

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