PACS - Picture Archiving and Communications System

What is PACS?
PACS is a Picture Archiving and Communications System, a computer system used to capture, store, distribute and display static or moving digital images throughout University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust. PACS has the ability to deliver timely and efficient access to images and related data through the PACS web browser via the Trusts intranet. This means that as images are created they can be immediately sent and viewed across the Trust including Rugby, St Cross Hospital. PACS takes away any need to print on film and to file or distribute images manually.

PACS has brought a huge change to the way the Clinical Radiology Dept operates, and the way clinical images can be used throughout the organisation. All diagnostic images will be available to view on desktop or mobile PC’s provided across the Trust. PACS Users should only view images from PACS enabled PC’s with a minimum 17” monitor. This is due to image quality.

What types of exams are stored on the PACS network?

Radiology exams including plain film x-ray images, CT/MRI scans, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, Fluoroscopic, Angiographic, Mammographic and PET images are currently stored on PACS.

 View images
 View reports
 Window/level
 Measure distance
 Magnification

 Images available 24/7
 Ability to view images with associated reports from any PACS enabled PC
 Review of images simultaneously

For further information please contact the Imaging Services Manager or visit the Trust Intranet site. If you have not yet received your training please contact the ICT Training Department on ext 28917.
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